Content marketing procurement software

Noosh procurement and project management software Keep content marketing projects on target

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Noosh procurement and project management software Keep content marketing projects on target

Marketing's strategy

Today's buzz is all about "content marketing", and your marketing teams are working harder than ever to deliver more content faster. The idea is simple: engage customers and prospects with relevant pieces of content throughout their entire buying cycle. From printed materials to digital creations, content marketing is about delivering an overall conversation at the right time, to the right person, using the right channel.

Procurement's challenge

Strategic sourcing teams are especially challenged to procure and coordinate with the vendors who can maintain quality standards, stay within budget, and deliver on time. It's important to move quickly, but managing more projects than ever across a multiplying pool of vendors can be tough. Content marketing sounds great. But can the team really deliver?

There's a reason big name brands depend on SaaS solutions from Noosh for marketing procurement

Noosh provides a cloud-based platform for the procurement and management of marketing materials, including content marketing projects. Our solution has been used for more than 175,000 projects just last year for a total spend of more than $1.6 billion. Noosh enterprise software makes it possible for procurement professionals and marketers to collaborate and deliver projects at more competitive prices, in less time, and with higher quality.

Print or digital, Noosh manages them both.

Using Noosh, your entire enterprise communications strategy can be managed on a single platform. From content planning and marketing procurement to customer engagement and analysis, Noosh products work on printed content and digital alike to help ensure content is delivering a consistent conversation with prospects and customers.

Noosh is integrated throughout the enterprise.

Using SAP for your financials? Ariba for purchasing? Noosh has over 60 integrations with other enterprise systems. This means marketing will never be a silo again, and everyone will have visibility into project costs, access to centralized digital assets, hooks for proofing and compliance checks, and more.

CMOs have transparency with unparalleled reporting.

Noosh excels at providing critical insights about procurement projects including cost analysis, vendor ratings, project turn times, and more. Team members never have to slow down when department heads need answers fast. It's right there on their own private dashboard.

Get your copy of our annual marketing procurement benchmark report

Our annual study takes a look at thousands of marketing procurement projects to better understand how marketing procurement systems help enterprises deliver more content at competitive prices. Download your copy to see industry averages and a detailed analysis on marketing procurement, print procurement, team collaboration, and more.

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New strategies with old school metrics

Creating cusomter journeys

Today it's about customer conversations... not just campaigns

Marketers must craft an entire conversation with customers throughout the buying cycle. From printed and digital content to direct mail and point-of-contact displays, Noosh cloud-based software is used to coordinate the planning, procurement, development, and delivery of relevant content pieces

But control costs, do it in less time, and get better quality

Procuring services from outside vendors can be particularly challenging when it comes to managing costs. With capabilities like machine learning for predictive pricing and internal vendor ratings, Noosh delivers 20% cost savings or more, which is a KPI that every CMO and Strategic Sourcing Manager shares

Marketing KPIs

Learn More About Procurement Software for Marketing Projects

This brief, 80 second video shows how to pull everything together for an effective content marketing and procurement program.

Working on direct mail projects?

Using Noosh for direct mail projects has proven to deliver costs savings of 20% and more for major brands around the world. Take a look at our Direct Mail Report and product features to learn more.

Using Noosh for Direct Mail

Direct mail using Noosh

Noosh customers deliver marketing projects at more competitive prices, in less time, and with higher quality

The Noosh community

Over 20,000 users from 5,000 companies are using Noosh to manage procurement and production of content for their marketing programs. We're proud to offer a SaaS-based solution that embraces the entire spectrum of marketing needs while helping procurement and strategic sourcing professionals reduce costs and use best-in-class vendors to support the effort.

Noosh Product Overview

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One integrated solution for marketing procurement and project management

About us

We help enterprise marketing teams produce and procure the content that creates conversations with their customers. Read more about Noosh, our team, and our investors.

Our Product

The Noosh product is a SaaS, cloud-based application that streamlines marketing procurement, project management, team collaboration, and more. Get the details here.


Because Noosh has a robust API, getting other enterprise systems to work with Noosh is a snap. Our list of integrations is constantly expanding, and if there's something special you need, please get in touch.


We offer a variety of subscription levels for just about any size organization. Visit our pricing page for complete information.

Marketing Services Partners

For many marketing organizations, working with a Marketing Services firm can be the best option. Our partners can do all the leg work for your content marketing and procurement needs.


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